Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Make Silk Flowers Arrangements Forms Triangular and Inverted T or L, How to make…

·         To make a Triangular Silk Flowers arrangement, position the
        line flowers to form a triangle.
·         The height of the arrangement should be more than the width.
·         Flowers D and E are shorter than A.
·         Flowers D and E must be round or pointed.
·         For the center, use round flowers.

Inverted T or L

·         The height of the flower sharp longer (A) must be equal to   or highter   than one and a half of the vases.
·         Add green leaves and shorter flowers (B, C and D).
·         Add four round flowers shorter in angled 90 degrees to fill the base of the T on each side, or only the right, if it is a design in L.

To balance the arrangement, Fill in the blanks
of the base with green leaves or flowers .
Good Luck

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