Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Make Felt Bird Crafts … for Boy Baby Showers...

Celebrate the new Baby arrival with Birds Baby Shower Favor!

Items Used to make this the fridge magnet:
- Round Cotton Pads
- Black Craft Beads
- Small Magnets for Crafts.
- Craft Ribbon Bows
- Pen
- Need and Thread
- Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors

Body Felt Bird

You need a piece of felt:
 Draw the bird, cuts, sews and stuffing.

Wings Felt Bird
Cuts the felt, sews and glue at Body Felt Bird.


Eye, beak and decorations.
·       Black Craft Beads to make eye.
·       Orange felt to make beak.
·       Craft Ribbon Bows to make decoration.

There you have it!  A cute little
Felt Bird Fridge magnet!!!

The joy of having a child is like no other…
 Every child is a gift from God!!!

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